Top Four Corporate Events Venue In Chicago

Chicago is well known for it’s amazing culinary, including the Italian beef sandwich, deep dish, and the iconic hot dog. Other than the Chicago-style hot dog, and other food ranges, Chicago is a city highly targeted by event organizers. Both social and corporate event organizers are enjoying the elegant venues in the city. Here is a look at the top Chicago corporate events venues that are in high demand.

Best Corporate Events Venue in Chicago

1. 19 East

This is one of the top-rated venues for holding corporate events in the city. The modern flair of 19 East is what makes it popular. 19 East is located in South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, and the corporate planners can enjoy the versatility of the venue. This comes with a huge space of 10,000 square feet. What makes it super famous is the constant advancement made, which benefits the corporate event market. The food at 19 East is also worth commenting, and some people claim the venue specializes in delicious business.

2. The Murphy – Chicago

The Murphy is one of the longest-serving Chicago corporate events venues. It was established in 1926, and it is known to be a top-notch venue for business events in Chicago. One feature that makes The Murphy stand out of other venues is the classic stylishness inside and outside.
Other than that, it holds a unique French Renaissance that lets the event organizers decorate it as they wish. Corporate events can enjoy various setups including receptions, seminars, and workshops. It is a perfect destination for any business event in town.

3. Fulton Market

This venue is a perfect choice for corporate events that need a blend of contemporary style. The place is known for its versatility in any business event. It is located in the stylish West Loop area in the city. It hosts a large warehouse space of 30,000 square feet.

Earlier on, the building was used for dry storage, but in the recent years, it has been among the top targets for Chicago corporate events organizers. It has a high level of adjustability that ranks it among the top venues.

4. Navy Pier

Not only is Navy Pier a leading corporate venue in Chicago, but it is also considered one of the top attractions in the city. It has also been in service for over 100 years, and still standing strong in offering a reliable venue for business events. Navy Pier is a memorable venue that holds some high level of versatility. Event planners find it easy organizing events to be held at Navy Pier. It can hold various aspects of events, without the need for changing the venue. That is why many organizers prefer it over other venues in the city.

All these venues deliver reliable reception options for business owners and their attendees. Whichever type of business you have, you can be confident of finding the perfect spot to host it. The accessibility to the venues is also easy, meaning that they all enjoy the modern Chicago environment. When choosing the perfect venue for your corporate event, ensure that you consider all the necessary aspects. If you need to hold a seminar and reception, choose one that can hold both at once. This will save you time and money.